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What is Return?

When your team reaches a certain stage and you feel that you cannot get any further, you can do the Return.

By doing the Return, you will receive lots of rewards, including dragonsky gold Gold and relevant Enhance Stones fire stoneneutral stonewater stonewood stone, allowing you to strengthen your Dragons and break the currently highest stage. You still receive a small amount of the Enhance Stones of the other elements/factions.

For example, If you want to focus on Fire Dragons, play in World Fire instead of the other Worlds.

Returning takes your team back to the first stage of a chosen World.

Return Rewards

The Return Rewards are calculated based on the current stage you are at. Check the table below for more details:

Progress Return Rewards
0 → 50% 25%
50 → 75% 60%
75 → 90% 100%
90 → 95% 110%
95%+ 120%

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