PvP: Ranking Tier, Matching, Challenge & Rewards

In DragonSky, you can also use your team to challenge other players, climb into higher ranks and get a lot of valuable rewards.

dragonsky pvp

Ranking Tier (Daily Season)

In DragonSky, there are 3 types of Ranking Tier.

The Daily Season resets every day at 7:00 of the server time.

For the ranking calculation, you cannot enter the area between 06:50 ~ 07:10.

LeagueTop LeagueGroup LeagueNormal League
Player GroupTop 30 Players – Single GroupRank 31→230 Players – 10 groups of 20 PlayersRank 231+ Players – Single Group
Win/Loss PointsWin: 10 pts
Loss: 2 pts
Win: 10 pts
Loss: 2 pts
Depending on the Opponents
MatchingRandom matching vs people in the groupRandom matching vs people in the groupRandom matching based on ATK within the group
Promotion –  DemotionTop 1→10: Stay

Top 11→30: Demote to a lower league.

Top 1, 2: Promote to Top League(Total 20 Players get promoted)

Top 3→10 Stay

Top 11→20: Demote to the lower league (Total 100 Players)

Top 1→100 Players: Get Promoted to the Group League

Top 101+: Stay

Matching Details

You can hold up to 20 Tickets for the Challenge at once.

Every 40 minutes, you will receive a ticket for free. You can also buy extra tickets using Gems.

The number of times you can enter the league is limited. Once you have reached the limit, you cannot enter anymore even if you still have a lot of tickets. The limit resets at 7:00 server time every day.

PvP Challenge

Each PvP Challenge contains 2 combats or 2 waves

  • Players need to register 2 teams for those 2 waves. Each wave, you can use up to 3 Dragons. Thus, you can use up to 6 Elite Dragons in total.
  • Win all battles to win the win the challenge.

In PvP Challenges, you cannot move your Dragons around.

What are the Rewards?

Doing PvP battles gives you honor coin Honor Coins and gem in dragon sky Gems as well. The rewards will be sent directly to your Inbox.

You can use honor coin Honor Coins to purchase items in the Honor Coin Shop.

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