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download dragon sky for pc
DragonSky PC version is finally released by Com2uS

Download DragonSky PC

How to Download DragonSky for PC?

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Downloading DragonSky PC is not hard like it sounds.

An introduction to DragonSky PC Version by Com2uS

Being an active developer in the Industry of gaming on mobile phones since the year 2011 and having popularity among mobile phone gamers especially people who love sports games and RPGs. Com2uS currently includes about thirty applications to its portfolio and games offered by it are embraced with different varieties of genres. Some of the games like Ace Fishing, Golf Star, Summoners’ War are some of the very famous games from this company. Among all these games Summoners War is so successful that about 50 million and adding users have installed it from Google Play only. Reviews of almost every game belonging to Com2uS are positive in nature according to people who play them quite frequently. Along with that, almost every new game released by this company makes it on the list of top games. If you call yourself a true gamer, you might have played at least one title belonging from Com2uS and you should be ready to download DragonSky for your PC right now!

dragonsky pc version screenshot
A very rare Dragon in DragonSky

Quick Review to Dragon Sky

In the genre of an idle merge, the DragonSky PC could be referred to as a masterpiece given by Com2uS to the world of mobile gaming. This game includes graphics with high quality complemented by thousands of contents that are in-game. Along with that this game’s gameplay is so attractive that gamers get addict to this amazing game. DragonSky actually appears and feel like a 2D shooter with overabundance of dragons that make it to the next level automatically. Along with the joy of having your own dragon army and witnessing them, destroy the opponent in the mode of the main game; there are battles with super villains as well in order to test the might of your army.

Enhance the enjoyment with amazing updates

There is a wide range of updates provided by Com2uS, in order to upgrade several elements in-game along with the dragons make it a full-on entertaining and hilarious game to spent time on. It is quite obvious that growth and progress in any game are highly dependent on the amount of time spent while playing it. Same is the case with DragonSky computer version also, however; while a player is not playing the game or is offline its growth in the game doesn’t stop as the army of dragons will be fighting alone continuously. If you love playing RPGs, dragons, merge or idle games, idle as well as shooter games it is recommended to check out DragonSky at least once.

DragonSky PC an excellent combination of simple merge games with complicated RPGs

People who claim themselves as pro-gamers also believe that in mobile gaming the merge games fall under the category of easy games as you keep the game progress on while not playing. However, DragonSky offers a wide range of contents that are in-game as well as features that could be compared with complicated RPGs. For amateurs and players who have not played RPGs before, several mechanics and algorithms in DragonSky laptop might appear to be a bit complex in the beginning. But, with the assistance provided by in-game indicators as well as online tutorials, it becomes quite simple to know what are the in-game items to look for and what is required to be done as the game moves further.

Controls of this game

The controls of DragonSky when playing on PC are not complex, they are as simple as a slide and tap along with the automatic attacks complemented by features a player unlocks during the game makes it even more user-friendly. A player even if amateur grows in the game without dedicating a lot of time and performing well in each and every level. However, in order to become a pro player of this game, see yourself on leader boards, and provide strength to the dragons of your army within a short period of time you should follow our lead. Now, when you have become quite familiar with the game we will discuss few tips, strategies, and cheats as well to begin your adventure of building a powerful dragon army.

Keep on merging the dragons quickly and quite often

In the game DragonSky, the main goal of a player is to cross as many levels as he or she can and go very far in the game, however, as the game moves further the difficulty level rises even more. Therefore, the need of accumulating as much power as a player can become quite natural, with the help of the dragon army a player is controlling he or she could reach the higher levels of this game. When a player merges its dragons they get stronger in the primary stage. Usually player continues to do so for upgrading their army of dragons but there is number of other feats present in the game as well along with the tasks a player needs to complete while playing this game.

The players can spot an egg placed at the right corner of their screen, dragons are born from that egg and a player can deplete existing dragons quickly with the help of indicating numbers on them, the rate of regeneration is quite quick especially if the tendency of a player getting busier with other things is good then upgrades also don’t matter a lot. For an instance, when a player observes that one egg that consists of many dragons is about to hatch and merge, it is merely a wastage of time and chances of making the army of dragons more powerful in less time. Hence, it is quite vital for a player to be conscious regarding the presence of dragons as well as egg continuously for the purpose of merging. A player is needed to do a number of in-game activities that are essential for empowering the army of his or her dragons as well as to engage the boss during battles, and for finding new dragons. All you have to do is to return for tapping on egg as well as merge the dragons while performing other in-game activities.

Dragons are not unlimited

In order to build your own army of dragons, you have to be a little patient as there are not unlimited dragons a player spots on his or her screen. Along with that, the dragons with more power and strength are even less in numbers. You might get a special dragon by merging the two different dragons belonging from the level ten of the game. The dragon that will appear from this fusion might look like other but its powers are much more in comparison. There is a limit of having special dragons on the screen and that is two at a time and hence, you may hold off fusing the other two dragons from level 10 together unless there is no space left on the screen for new fledgelings. If your army already has two special dragons and you still merge another one this might result in not getting a new dragon as well as the reduction in the whole army’s firepower. However, when a player reaches more high levels he or she becomes eligible for more upgrades in the power of his or her dragon army along with getting more slots for the epic dragons in their army but before reaching those higher levels it is advised to keep the impact of merging the dragons of level 10 in mind.

upgrading dragons
Upgrading your Dragons is always a hard task!

The player is required to be quite selective while upgrading the powers of a dragon

After downloading DragonSky, There are a number of ways for improving the power of a complete army of your dragons and upgrading your dragons are mere part of them. In the beginning, dragons belonging from first level to tenth one could be empowered with the help of coins. Beyond level 10 of the game, dragons that are present in your army with special powers are upgraded individually with the consumption of gold. Along with that these special dragons can also become more powerful by evolution and enhancement. It has been observed that for upgrading dragons that are not having special powers requires the players to spend a lot of time in playing the game hence; it is advised to begin upgrading the dragons from your army in descending order with respect to the powers. It is assumed that a player should not tolerate the dragons from lower tier to existing for a long time as usually, players merge them to get better ones. On the other hand, this might be not a very good option for reaching far in the game real soon as dragons with special powers should be the priority of a player.

When we speak of special power holding dragons it is suggested that considering the resources spent on such dragons is important as there is a limit of having them on your screen. Initially, a player can have only two of them but when he or she reaches to further levels the option of buying more than two slots from lab also comes after that a player can have more than two epic dragons. When we consider such condition, the prime focus of a player should be on best dragons available in the army and it is advised to save as much gold as you can for upgrading several other kinds of dragons while getting closer to unlock next available slot to have your third special power holding dragon. In the same way, a player is required to keep dragon’s elemental affinities in consideration among the four of top dragons, there should be at least a special dragon that represents elements like water, fire, neutral and wood whichever is available.

These elements may not appear to be very crucial normally, but it is quite essential to have an appropriate special dragon to fight against supervillains in order to claim for better rewards after defeating them. These affinities go by the concept of rock-paper-scissors for receiving and dealing with any sort of excessive damage. Talking with respect to elements wood loses to fire, water loses to wood and fire loses to water. When there is a dragon with favoring element, does more damage to the opponent and that is about 20% more. On the other hand when an element doesn’t favors a dragon it does less damage to the opponent and about 20% less. While we talk about dragons without any element, they do about 10% additional damage when they fight against enemies that do not possess any element.

The other option of upgrading present only for special dragons is enhancement stones, with the help of these stones dragons get enhanced. However, there is a condition with these stones and that is they are not present in large numbers and for acquiring them at a primary level a player is required to reset. When you give priority to special dragons using these stones for them becomes quite a great move to do in this game. One thing should be kept in mind that with the evolution of dragons they get high ranks and hence, the options of their enhancement also increases. In the initial stage, a player’s journey is started in a world without any influence of element and as a player moves further, he or she gets to unlock worlds that are represented by other types of elements. When you play in a world that consists of a specific element make sure that your enhancement stone is of same element.

powerful dragonsky team
If you have great strategies to use, building up a great team is not hard.

Don’t reset without any strategy

With every conquered new level in this game, a lot of rewards are provided to players for the purpose of strengthening the dragons. On the other hand, there will surely come a stage in which you might find it very tough to finish due to the less power of your dragon army. According to this situation going back to level one becomes the most appropriate option and it could be done through reset that could be found in the game’s main menu.

When a player returns to level 1 he or she not only go back at the beginning of the world for gaining more points of experience for his or her account. The thing that makes reset actually a good thing to do in the game is that a player gets rewards after reset and those rewards may include enhancement stones as well as gold. The reward of going back to level 1 can make a player reach quite far that is about 120% and it also has a period of cooling down. Sometimes, what is required for a player to decide is returning after gaining the whole amount that is worth to 120% reward along with that it is suggested to move further in the stages where dragons are easily moving further. If you plan to play more then don’t miss the opportunity of returning in order to level up the special dragons but if you plan to leave the game and depend on automatic progress, then it is advised to do it before logging out.

Accelerating the hatch is crucial in this game

When you play DragonSky on PC actively, make sure to face situations in which the speed of eggs hatching is more than your speed of merging. Don’t hesitate to click the icon that includes a symbol of fast forward on it, you can spot that icon at screen’s right side. After doing this, you might get a variety of options for securing the speed at which eggs are hatched but getting it for free is the most fascinating option. You can even make an egg hatch with just double of its normal hatching speed and this effect lasts for about twenty minutes and it is absolutely free all you are required to do is watch a promotional video. These promotional videos last from 15 to 40 seconds and as the boost of twenty minutes is over you can simply watch another video for reactivating it.

Don not ignore visiting goddess & lab or forget about upgrades

Leveling up the dragons individually is not the sole way of strengthening the whole army of your dragons and such an amazing option is available in the lab. Make sure to go through any and every kind of upgrade that is available, always read the description of these upgrades before you initiate any kind of purchase. Never forget the fact that gem, as well as obsidian researches, are present and a player should give priority to spend given obsidian as you can spend them in-game only and after that gems should also be spent accordingly.

To provide the players with a mere idea regarding the options that are needed to be prioritized, the options that let more dragons to be on your screen and it is but obvious that priority should be given to the dragons that hold special powers. There are some updates that lead to natural progression in the game and those updates are equally important. There are a number of updates that work better when you spend more of your time in the game, consider buying such update according to your gaming schedule. On the other hand, there are some updates that work better for players that do not take this game very seriously.

Make sure that you are visiting goddess with the help of an icon that is placed at the bottom of the main menu. In order to upgrade as well as unlock goddess’s costumes, life stones are needed and you could activate perks that are provided for once. If the initial costume’s armor boost is satisfying you then it is on you for spending life stones in order to enhance the effects that it provides. If the initial costume is not your favorite one then you can make use of the earned life stones for unlocking the higher level of upgraded costumes of your choice.

Bosses and search is all about this game

No player of DragonSky can deny the fact that merging of two dragons to form a superior one, as well as the hatching of dragons, is a fun activity to do in the game. However, apart from doing all these dragon things there also involves a quest for finding an appropriate dragon for your army. The function to search is present on the menu and stacking up best from three attempts in order to find dragons. These attempts get over after a given period of time so a player must ensure to use them as soon as they can as they are regenerated after using. You can get dragons belonging from level 1 as well as dragons that belong from level 10. Whenever you go for searching dragon here you get only two attempts. As it is quite obvious that it takes a lot of effort to get the dragons that are superior to others.

In order to get dragons easily in the search, it is not suggested to spend all the gems at once. A situation becomes exceptional when a special type of dragon is found then you are required to have resource material for the evolution of a dragon that belongs to the main team.

Considering all these provided tips any player can go a long way in this amazing game. It is expected that now when you have gone through the whole article you will be easily playing the game and get special dragons by your side. Another thing to consider while playing this game is the conversion of dragon mind it while gaming.

So what are you waiting for? Download DragonSky for PC and start the endless journey now!

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