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Dragon Fusion Rate

The tables below show the complete dragon fusion rates in DragonSky.Tier 10 Dragon Fusion RateTier 9 Dragon + Tier 9 DragonShiny Tier 10 Dragon:...

Dragon Search & Tame Chance

Dragon Search 2 random Dragons will appear when you search for Dragons in the DragonSky Search menu.It is totally possible that you can even find...

Complete Normal Dragons List

 In DragonSky, there are 10 Normal Dragon Tiers in total: From Tier 1 to Tier 10.Simply combine/fuse 2 Dragons in the same tier to...

Legion – How to Earn Contribution Coins

Legion in DragonSky is like Alliance, Guild or Clan in other video games. As soon as you reach player level 20, you can create or...

Attributes – What Is The Strongest Attribute?

What is Attribute in DragonSky? In DragonSky, every single Dragon has its own attribute: Neutral, Fire, Water and Wood. Fire > Wood > Water > Fire The...

Goddess Guide

What is Goddess? In DragonSky, Goddess is like the heart of your team. Goddess boosts up the whole team power and offers special abilities that...

Complete Guide to Upgrading Dragons

Dragon Level Up SummaryThe maximum level of Normal Dragon is 400. The maximum level of Elite Dragon is 1,500. Leveling up Dragons increases...

What is Condensed Mana? How to Get It?

After Level 1000, upgrading Dragons in DragonSky requires Condensed Mana.You can obtain the Condensed Mana starting from Stage 2,500 and every 100 Stages afterward.Condensed...

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neutral Neutral Dragons

wolfgoth neros bonehorn del mato lovariel a-neros e-wolfgoth e-bonehorn unius ethos bitetra brabadon

fire Fire Dragons

bladnought dempseyger mecanon indermon rosard v-bladnought A-INDERMON E-MECANON E-DEMPSEYGER VOLCAN NESTREZA NAZITHA ANGEMOTH

water Water Dragons


wood Wood Dragons




RPG is absolutely the most popular and the most interesting mobile video game genre. There are already tons of great games dominating in this genre but we have a new surprising kid in town, DragonSky. The game is developed by Com2uS, one of the biggest company in the industry, the creator of Summoners War: Sky Arena, Chain Strike, Golf Star, Ace Fishing, Wonder Tactics.

The basic concept of this game is evolved around the dragon fights. The gameplay is quite simple for all casual players but also very complicated for all hard-core players. Basically, you need to hatch the eggs, get baby dragons, merge your dragons to get bigger dragons and eventually grow them to their highest forms. Combining 2 dragons gives you a stronger version of them.

Powerful dragons provide much stronger shooting skills. The placements of your Dragons also matters a lot. You can win a game a lot easier If you place your Dragons properly.

While playing the games, your team of Dragons is fighting against the enemies, climbing into higher stages and getting more rewards.

All of the shooting powers coming from your Dragons are auto and cannot be turned off. However, it shouldn’t bore you a lot because the speed of the game is very fast.

You can not only fight against mobs but also against other players in the league battle. Get the victory, get into higher ranks and get more rewards!