Complete Normal Dragons List


In DragonSky, there are 10 Normal Dragon Tiers in total: From Tier 1 to Tier 10.

Simply combine/fuse 2 Dragons in the same tier to have a higher tier Dragon.

Not like the other tiers, there are 2 kinds of Tier 10 Dragons: Normal Dragon and Shiny Dragon.

The initial chance of getting a Shiny Tier 10 Dragon is 0.5%. The chance automatically adds up every time you fuse 2 Tier 9 Dragons.

Fusing Normal Dragons

Shiny Dragons offer a better chance of getting rarer Dragons when fusing.

Fusing Tier 10 Dragons gives you Elite Dragons: Rare, Epic and Legendary.

  • 2x Tier 10 Dragon = 2 black shard Black Shards + 1 Elite Dragon
  • Shiny Tier 10 Dragon + Tier 10 Dragon = shiny shard 1 Shiny Shard + 1 Elite Dragon
  • 2x Shiny Tier Dragon = shiny shard 2 Shiny Shards + 1 Elite Dragon

Normal Dragon List

Tier 1 Dragon

dragonsky tier 1 dragon tier 1 dragon

Tier 2 Dragon

dragonsky tier 2 dragon dragonsky tier 2 dragon

Tier 3 Dragon

dragonsky tier 3 dragon dragonsky tier 3 dragon

Tier 4 Dragon

dragonsky tier 4 dragon dragonsky tier 4 dragon

Tier 5 Dragon

dragonsky tier 5 dragon dragonsky tier 5 dragon

Tier 6 Dragon

dragonsky tier 6 dragon dragonsky tier 6 dragon

Tier 7 Dragon

Tier 7 Dragon Tier 7 Dragon

Tier 8 Dragon

Tier 8 Dragon Tier 8 Dragon

Tier 9 Dragon

Tier 9 Dragon Tier 9 Dragon

Tier 10 Dragon

Tier 10 Dragon Tier 10 Dragon

Shiny Tier 10 Dragon

Shiny Tier 10 Dragon Shiny Tier 10 Dragon

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