DragonSky Journey

In DragonSky, Journey unlocks once you reach player level 80.

There are 3 areas of Journey in total and you can use up to 2 Dragons to attack per area. Each area offers different rewards. The higher stage you play, the better rewards you receive.

Playing in Stage 3+ offers Rating Rewards. The Rating Rewards increase in Stage 3, 6, 9, 12, 15.

Basic Rewards: life stone Life Stone, soul stone Soul Stone, dragonsky gold Gold

Rating Rewards

RatingRating 1Rating 2Rating 3Rating 4Rating 5
RequirementDefeat Stage 3->5 in all journey areasDefeat Stage 6->8 in all journey areasDefeat Stage 9->11 in all journey areasDefeat Stage 12->14 in all journey areasDefeat Stage 15+ in all journey areas
RewardsOnly 1 item from the sheet below regardless of the drop rate.
42%dragonsky gold Gold x 50,000dragonsky gold Gold x 10,000dragonsky gold Gold x 175,000dragonsky gold Gold x 275,000dragonsky gold Gold x 450,000
soul stone Soul Stone x 3soul stone Soul Stone x 5soul stone Soul Stone x 8soul stone Soul Stone x 12soul stone Soul Stone x 20
life stone Life Stone x 6life stone Life Stone x 10life stone Life Stone x 16life stone Life Stone x 28life stone Life Stone x 56
38%dragonsky gold Gold x 100,000dragonsky gold Gold x 200,000dragonsky gold Gold x 350,000dragonsky gold Gold x 550,000dragonsky gold Gold x 900,000
soul stone Soul Stone x 6soul stone Soul Stone x 10soul stone Soul Stone x 16soul stone Soul Stone x 24soul stone Soul Stone x 44
life stone Life Stone x12life stone Life Stone x20life stone Life Stone x32life stone Life Stone x56life stone Life Stone x112
Tier 9 Dragon x 2Tier 9 Dragon x 4Tier 9 Dragon x 6
13%dragonsky gold Gold x 400,000dragonsky gold Gold x 800,000dragonsky gold Gold x 1,400,000dragonsky gold Gold x 2,200,000dragonsky gold Gold x 3,600,000
soul stone Soul Stone x 24soul stone Soul Stone x 40soul stone Soul Stone x 65soul stone Soul Stone x 96soul stone Soul Stone x 160
life stone Life Stone x 48life stone Life Stone x 80life stone Life Stone x 128life stone Life Stone x 224life stone Life Stone x 450
Tier 9 Dragon x 1Tier 9 Dragon x 1Tier 10 Dragon x 2Tier 10 Dragon x 4Tier 10 Dragon x 5
black shard Black Shard x 1black shard Black Shard x 2black shard Black Shard x 3black shard Black Shard x 5black shard Black Shard x 7
7%soul stone Soul Stone x 72soul stone Soul Stone x 120soul stone Soul Stone x 195soul stone Soul Stone x 290soul stone Soul Stone x 480
life stone Life Stone x 144life stone Life Stone x 240life stone Life Stone x 385life stone Life Stone x 675life stone Life Stone x 1,345
Tier 10 Dragon x 3Tier 10 Dragon x 4Shiny Tier 10 Dragon x 1Shiny Tier 10 Dragon x 2Shiny Tier 10 Dragon x 3
black shard Black Shard x 4black shard Black Shard x 6shiny shard Shiny Shard x 2shiny shard Shiny Shard x 3shiny shard Shiny Shard x 4

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