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Hey guys,

This page contains the most asked questions from people playing DragonSky as well as the best answers for them.

As we will try to update this page frequently, don’t hesitate to leave any comment below regarding to DragonSky. We will do our best to answer your question.

What Dragon is the best?

Check out the Tier List to see what are the best Dragons right now!

How to find my CS Code?

In order to find your DragonSky CS Code, go to the Settings menu then scroll down to the bottom as shown below:

cs code dragon sky
Dragon Sky Settings

Your CS Code is a sequence of numbers, for example, 100123123

Which Is DragonSky Server I’m In?

Also in the screenshot above, the information regarding your server is also shown there! You can know your base server based on the Server Time of the Timezone on your phone:

  • Europe Server: UTC +0:00
  • Korea Server: UTC +9:00
  • Taiwan Server: UTC +8:00
  • Asia Server: UTC +7:00

Also, remember that Android and iOS devices have separate servers.

Seems like the production speed of my eggs is getting slowed down

Maybe you don’t know yet, producing a lot of eggs in a day slows down the production speed of your eggs in Dragon Sky. To reset the production, you need to wait till 12:00 AM on your server time.

One option for you is to use the Hatching Speed Up items to revert the egg production to the original speed.

You also can use items to increase the number of Available Eggs in the Shop, you can then hatch eggs with the same production speed till you have the true number of the daily available eggs.

How to make my Dragons stronger?

There are several ways to make your Dragons stronger:

  • Leveling them up.
  • Upgrading them.
  • Evolution.
  • Essence Upgrading.
  • Upgrading Goddess.

Basically, the power of a dragon is calculated using this formula:

Basic Stats x Additional Stats + Additional Fixed Stats

So basically, the higher the basic stats your Dragon has, the stronger it is.

You can raise the basic stats of your Dragons by leveling them up and evoluting them.

Higher-rarity Dragons have much higher basic stats.

dragon sky return rewards

How does the Return works?

As you might probably notice, when you return, the rewards you receive might vary based on the current state and the best stage.

Basically, the Return Rewards are calculated based on your current progress:

ProgressReturn Rewards
0 → 50%25%
50 → 75%60%
75 → 90%100%
90 → 95%110%

What is Shiny Tier 10 Dragon?

Shiny Tier 10 Dragon offers a higher chance of getting rare Dragons when getting fused.

When you fuse 2 Shiny Tier 10 Dragons, you will get Legendary and Epic Dragons.

You can obtain Shiny Tier 10 Dragon via:

  • Attendance Reward – The 7th day.
  • Fusing Tier 9 Dragons – However, the chance is super low, only a 0.5% chance.
    The chance increases when you failed to get Shiny tier 10 Dragon.
  • Account Leveling Up Rewards
  • Purchasing in Shop
  • Recapture Missions

How do I upgrade Dragons?

In DragonSky, go to your Dragon List then select the Elite tab, pick the Dragon you want to strengthen then scroll down to the bottom, you will see a list of available Upgrades for your Dragons there.

You can also tap at the Upgrade available Notification to move to the Upgrade section

Upgrading dragons require the specific stones of each faction: fire stoneneutral stonewater stonewood stone

Depending on the world you are currently in, you can get the relative Enhance Stones. For example, If you are in the Neutral World, you will get neutral stone Neutral Stones at most upon Return.

How does the dragon [In Effect] work?

When you evolve your Dragon, its In Effect will get strengthened.

It’s a must to know that the In Effect doesn’t stack for the same dragons.

For example, when you have 5 [4★ Bitetra] and 3 [5★ Bitetra], the In Effect can only apply to 1 [5★ Bitetra].

What does evolving Dragons offer?

Evolving a dragon increases its abilities by a lot. The more you evolve the dragon, the more power it will have. Attack Speed, Attack Damage and other abilities will be all raised.

Your Dragons also become shinier and bigger after evolving.

How to obtain the Soul Stone?

soul stone Soul Stone is required when evolving dragons.

By converting dragons, you will receive Soul Stones. You can also get the Soul Stones via Recapture Missions.

Simply go to your Dragon List, open the tab of Elite Dragons then tap on the + button located on the right side of the Soul Stone icon to go to the Convert menu.

All of the converted Dragons will be removed immediately.

What are Black Shards and Shiny Shards?

They are premium currencies in Dragon Sky and are used for purchasing top tier Dragons in the Shop.

There are several ways to obtain black shard Black Shards and shiny shard Shiny Shards:

  • Combining 2 Tier 10 Dragons: 2xblack shard Black Shards
  • Combining 1 Tier 10 Dragon and 1 Shiny Tier 1 Dragon: 1xshiny shard Shiny Shard + 1xblack shard Black Shard
  • Combining 2 Shiny Tier 10 Dragons: 2xshiny shard Shiny Shards

I Cannot Level up my Elite Dragon

It’s because the level of your dragon is limited by the player’s level.

Every time your player level increases by 10, the level limit of your Dragon will be increased.

Higher rarity Dragons have higher-level limits.

The cap of your player’s level is based on the highest Stage you achieve, regardless of the world.

You need to reach at least level 251 to level up your Dragons to level 1,000. After level 1000, Condensed Mana is required for upgrading Dragons.

What Are Elite Dragon Upgrade Limits?

To check out this article to see more details regarding to this.

What is Bind? How to Bind Dragons?

Check out this article for more details!

What are Honor Coins?

honor coinThe Honor Coins can be obtained via the League Matches and the League Rankings.

Honor Coins can be used to purchase various items in the Shop.

What are the Ancient Gems?

ancient gemsAncient Gems are solely used for purchasing and upgrading Goddess Skins.

The only ways to get the Ancient Gems right now are via:

  1. Honor Shop
  2. Secret Market
  3. Rewards from Package Purchases
  4. Attendance Rewards


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