Team Building for F2P Players

This is a small guide on building up a team for Free-To-Play (F2P) DragonSky Players.

Please note that this guide is solely based on my personal experience while playing DragonSky as a free-to-play player. It should be suitable for most players in the game regardless of how bad your RNG is.

dragonsky team building

Choosing Dragons

4-5⭐️ mainly, however, it’s even a lot better If you have better ones.

The Dragons you want to focus on first should be Nestreza, Gaigarus (or Eothos) and Illafiend.

During the Star Seals event, collecting them doesn’t require too much work.


From Stage 1 to 1,000, Nestreza helps you clear the map a lot faster than Gaigarus can because Nes deals quick and direct damage, killing the mobs instantly when they start showing on the edge of the screen.

Gaigarus & Eothos have a small delay for their bullets to travel. Sounds not really important, however, finishing each Stage 2-3s faster helps you reduce the required time for each Return a lot (up to 15-20 minutes per return).

Assuming that you can do 6 Returns per day, this saves you at least 2 hours per day.

After Stage 1,000, Gaigarus(or Eothos) is a much better option for you to focus on.

After Stage 2,000, you need a great burst damage dealer to finish off the bosses. Illafiend should be a great choice here.


  • Nes = top left
  • Gaigarus(or Eothos) = top right
  • Illa = center

This is because, Nes is the main tank. The top left position usually gets damaged first and the stage boss usually tends to fly towards the left side.

Gaigarus (Eothos) is placed on the top right because the distance between the Dragon and the mobs affects the stage clearing speed. The closer you are to the mobs, the faster you can clear the map.

Illa is placed in the center so that when Illa’s shoot explodes, it’s right in the place where most of the enemies are located.

Why only 3 above?

It’s because the other slots are for rarer Dragons such as Bivirm Nazitha, Braba, Bitetra, Asazel etc. and you can work on them any time later.

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