Egg Hatching Limits

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What are Egg Hatching Limits?

In DragonSky, you are limited by the hatching time of your eggs, when maxed, it is possible to get 5.5s/egg or 4.5s/egg (lv250+).

That being said, the hatching time is not always the same. You incur penalty depending on how many eggs you’ve hatched in a day.

Free users would have a daily 2,500 eggs limit that is based on their basic hatch time of 5.5s or 4.5s(lv250+).

Monthly Subscribing users would have an additional 8000, making their daily eggs go up to 10500 eggs, that is on their basic hatch time of 5.5secs or 4.5secs(lv250+).

After hatching 2500 eggs, your hatching time would go up by x2, meaning each egg will be ready in either 11secs or 9secs(lv250+), this would go on until you’ve hatched another 4500 for a total of 7000 in that day.

Thinking x2 is the highest? Nope.

After hatching that 4500 eggs (After 7000 in total), your hatch time will go up from the basic to the x5 of its amount, meaning each egg will be ready in either 27.5s or 22.5s (lv250+)

Egg Hatching Limits

Fish (Free Users)

  • 2,500 Daily Eggs will have basic hatch time
  • 2,501 up to 7,000 (4,500eggs) ➡️ 2x of the basic hatching time
  • 7,001+ ➡️ 5x of the basic hatching time

Dolphin (30Day Users)

  • 10,500 Daily Eggs will have basic hatch time
  • 10,501 up to 15,000 (4,500eggs) ➡️ 2x of the basic hatching time
  • 15,001+ ➡️ 5x of the basic hatching time


  • Always use x2 Ads whenever you can
  • Note for 30day players: It doesn’t matter when you use the x5 ticket, the difference is minimal (20-30eggs) when using it on 10500 or after 10500 If you really want to get that 20-30eggs, then use it on the 10500 daily egg.

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