Currencies – How to Spend Currencies Efficiently

There are pretty too many currencies in DragonSky and getting familiar with them all at once is not really easy.

Thus, we have listed all of the currencies in the game here, as well as their usages and ways to obtain them so that you can easily remember them all and check back whenever you need to.

dragonsky currencies

Complete DragonSky Currency List

ItemUsagesHow to obtain?
dragonsky gold


Leveling up Dragons
Leveling up Essence
Secret Market
Purchasing Items
Doing Journey
Attendance Reward
Clearing Stages
Doing Return
Opening Treasure Chest
Leveling Account Up
gem in dragon sky


Egg Hatching Speedup
Upgrading Lab
Other Purchases
Opening Treasure Chests
Doing Daily Missions
Getting Achievements
Leveling Up Account
Getting Attendance Rewards


Lab UpgradesClearing Stages
Account Level Up
Condensed Mana

Condensed Mana

Leveling Up Dragons after Level 1,000Getting at every 100 stages after Stage 2,500,
fire stoneneutral stonewater stonewood stone

Enhance Stone

Upgrading DragonsConversion
contribution coin

Contribution Coin

Purchasing Items in Contribution Coin ShopFusing Elite Dragon
Participating in Contents
honor coin

Honor Coin

Purchasing Items in Honor Coin ShopPvP Fights
broken seal coin

Broken Seal Coin

Purchasing Items in Broken Seal ShopBroken Seal
black shard

Black Shard

Purchasing Items in Epic ShopSecret Market
Combining Tier 10 Dragon + Tier 10 Dragon
shiny shard

Shiny Shard

Purchasing Items in Epic ShopSecret Market
Combining Shiny Tier 10 Dragon + Shiny Tier 10 Dragon
Combining Shiny Tier 10 Dragon + Tier 10 Dragon
soul stone

Soul Stone

For Evolving DragonsRecapture Mission
Secret Market
life stone

Life Stone

Upgrading GoddessJourney
Legendary Boss
Secret Market
Recapture Mission
Attendance Reward
ancient gem

Ancient Gem

For Purchasing Goddess SkinsSecret Market
Attendance Reward

What are the best Purchases?


  • Early: Lab Upgrades > Secret Market or Search Legend
  • Mid: Secret Market / Essence Package / Dragon Package (Events)
  • Late: Secret Market / Essence Package / Essence Search / Dragon Package

Note: If we have a star seal event, it is advisable to use 400gems for the 2x entry for an additional 24% on box rating, but still, it depends on your luck if this will do you good or no, buy at your own discretion.


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