Top 9 Basic Tips for New Players

Here are some of the most important tips for all new players to have a better start in the DragonSky world.

This guide helps you understand what are the most important things you want to focus on during the early game.

basic tips

Best Tips for All New DragonSky Players

  • Focus on building only one Legendary Dragon to carry your whole team. Avoid working on several Legendary Dragons at once.
    The best names for the early game are Babador, Gagairus, Eathor, Unius, Illafrend.
  • Focus on upgrading your main Dragon to 6⭐️ then build up the rest to 5⭐️in order to obtain rewards from the Journey.
  • Download & Play DragonSky on PC – This allows you to play the game for hours without worrying about the battery draining while comfortably working on other stuff. Playing the game offline only gives you 40% of everything (clearing map speed, rewards, hatching/merging Dragons speed, etc).
  • Spend your Gems on:
    1. Doing Return for the x2 rewards if it’s the main element of your team.
    2. Upgrading the “Skip Start Stage 1” in the Lab. This will save you tons of time for the entire game, especially during the early game.
      For example, as you can see in the screenshot below, when I do Return, I can start from Stage #510 directly instead of starting from Stage 1. Going from Stage 1 to Stage 510 only could even take up to 2 hours.
      skip stage 1 lab dragonsky
  • Do not use your Gems to purchase Legendary Dragons unless it is the “main Dragon” you are focusing on. Rather use those Gems for upgrading Lab.
  • Join any Legion as soon as possible. At the end of the week, you will receive a certain amount of Contribution Coins based on the number of points you contributed to your Legion.
  • Get to player level 100 as soon as possible to unlock the PvP Mode. Getting to the top 1 of your PvP Group earns you 600 Gems every day.
  • It is recommended to upgrade the “Increase Rush Max Count” in the Lab to at least level 5. This allows you to have 5 times to Rush in total when you wake up. Use these 5 Rushes before you Return. This helps you save a lot of time because attacking your highest Stages takes a lot of time.
    For example, If you can do the Return at Stage 1400, wait till you get to Stage 1300 before using the Rush.
  • Stay idling until the highest Stage to receive the 120% Rewards. Do not go Return before hitting the highest Stage.


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